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12 Dec 2018 174

The event dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Harold Nurmetovich Boymukhamedov was held at the State Committee for Geology and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, Honored Worker of Science of Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan, laureate of Beruniy State Prize in Uzbekistan, winner of "First Mining Geologist", Laureate of "Youth Prize", outstanding scientist, geologist , a well-known organizer and teacher, doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences, Professor Hosil Boymuhamedov's 100th anniversary.

Given Boymukhamedov, who has a strong attitude to his work, has opened new deposits in Ketmanchi and Garnab as a result of the constant exploration of the republic in the mountainous regions of Khorasan, Nurota, Zirabulak-Ziaetdin, Karatepa, Chibkolon and in the desert of Kyzylkum, and laid the foundation for opening new types of uranium deposits in the world. He has won the "First Mining Geologist" award among the former geologists, and for the "Honorable Labor" medal.
Academician Hosil Boymuhamedov himself conducts international scientific conferences in Tashkent. He aims to demonstrate the achievements of the Republic's geologists in these events and raise the scientific potential of Uzbekistan as a result of the young scientists' acquaintance with international knowledge and their experience.
Academician Hosil Boymuhamedov is the first to lead his students, creating the metallogenic, geotechnical card of the republic and Central Asia, as well as predicting reserves of the country's mineral deposits up to 2030. The prophecies of the scientist continue to be a valuable source of knowledge for their students today.

Hosil Boymuhamedov, who has been working for science development, has published about 250 scientific articles and has published 212 of them. Each of these articles is a source of expertise for young professionals, without losing their value today.

During the event, Harold Boymuhamedov's colleagues, Academicians Akbarov XA, Abdullabekov AN, students, family members continued the roundtable. At the end of the event a presentation of the documentary film "The Rider of the Rare Metallic" dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Harold Boymuhamedov was held at the State Geological and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan by the studio "Mozi navosi". The film is about the difficulties of geologists' work and the lives of geologists who have passed this hard work and prestigious nationwide.


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