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31 May 2017 657

If today nature has given a warm sunny day, it becomes joyfully doubly because on the first day of summer - June 1, many countries celebrate International Children's Day. This holiday is known to us as the International Children's Day.

International Children's Day is one of the oldest international holidays. The decision to hold it was made in 1925 at the World Conference on Child Welfare in Geneva.

The history does not say why it was decided to mark this children's holiday on June 1. According to one version, in 1925 the Consul General of China in San Francisco gathered a group of Chinese orphans and arranged for them the celebration of Duan-yi Jie (Dragon Boat Festival), the date of which just happened on June 1. By a fluke, the day coincided with the time of the "children's" conference in Geneva.

After the Second World War, when the problems of preserving the health and well-being of children were more urgent than ever, in 1949 a women's congress took place in Paris, at which an oath was made about the tireless struggle for a lasting peace, as the only guarantee of children's happiness.

The International Children's Day has a flag. On a green background, symbolizing growth, harmony, freshness and fertility, stylized figures are placed around the Earth sign - red, yellow, blue, white and black. These human figures symbolize diversity and tolerance. The sign of the Earth, placed in the center, is the symbol of our common house.

And today in many countries this day there are many mass, entertainment and cultural events for children. But Children's Day is not only a happy holiday for the children themselves, it is also a reminder to the society about the need to protect the rights of the child, so that all children grow up happy, learn, do what they love and in the future become wonderful parents and citizens of their country.


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