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The Geological Museum of Uzbekistan, which is currently run by the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Geology and Mineral Resources, was established in 1926.

It was based on the collections of a small museum of the former Glavgeology of Uzbekistan, as well as extensive collection materials collected by geological organizations, enterprises, institutions, well-known exploration geologists of the Republic and Central Asia for more than 85 years of geological service of Uzbekistan.

The variety of exhibits of the museum gives an opportunity to visitors of a loving age, a level of knowledge and an outlook to find here information niches that correspond to their interests and needs. And experienced guides will help you deal with any issues arising in the process of inspecting the exhibits of the museum.

The basis of the funds of the geological museum is, of course, a collection of minerals and rocks. The exhibition halls of the museum show the exposition of the unique geological heritage of the republic, reflecting its originality and often representing the world significance. All exhibits are a national treasure in scientific, educational, educational, cultural, economic and political aspects.

In the modern era of the transition fr om an industrial society to an information one, the Geological Museum of Uzbekistan faces the task of maximally presenting scientific information embedded in geological objects. This is the most important basis for obtaining new scientific knowledge and expert assessments based on geological funds, both on banks of information stored on various carriers, both primary - natural (stone) and various secondary (paper, photo, film, magnetic , Electronic and other media). It is important to note that natural media are the main and sometimes the only source of reliable information about the structure and composition of geological bodies.

For a relatively short period of its existence, the Geological Museum was formed not only as a scientific museum, but also as a training center of the State Committee for Geology. It serves as a center for conducting study tours for schoolchildren, basic lessons for students of geological and related specialties of the system of higher and secondary special education are held here, lectures on mineralogy, petrography, paleontology and other areas of geology for students of advanced training courses are being given to employees of geological enterprises.

In addition, guided tours with museum expositions for representatives of various foreign companies, delegations of foreign scientists and guests are organized, during which the achievements of the exploration industry are demonstrated and the geological knowledge is popularized among the population of Uzbekistan and the world.

The museum continuously and systematically replenishes collections, purposeful mineralogical, petrographic, geochemical, paleontological and other types of research of stone material funds, as well as the study of materials on applications from the public and pioneers.

On the basis of the museum, various thematic exhibitions, presentations of the mineral and raw materials potential of Uzbekistan, business meetings with foreign partners and investors are held with discussion of a wide range of issues of establishing mutually beneficial cooperation in studying the mineral resources of the republic and developing its mineral and raw materials resources.

Panorama of the museum halls, the system of exhibits placement, design of demonstration materials and the level of information is offered by guides in the state, Russian and English languages. All conditions for a holistic perception and understanding of what is seen are created, which allows each visitor to the museum to leave with indelible impressions and pride in the uniqueness of the richness of the bowels and the nature of the native land, the selfless work of the ancient ore miners and pioneers, as well as modern discoverers of underground storerooms ...

There are 12 exposition halls in the Geological Museum of Uzbekistan, the doors of which are always open to all comers. It:

Opening hall.

Hall of ancient mining.

The hall, dedicated to the unique geological object - the Kitab Reserve.

Hall of vertebrates.

The main hall, wh ere the main mineralogical collections are represented.

Hall of the history of geological development of the territory of Uzbekistan.

Hall of mineralogy and minerals.

Another hall of mineralogy and minerals.

The Monographic Hall.

Hall of regional geology.

Hall of petrography.

Expeditionary hall.

You can see the photoalbum of the Geological Museum of Uzbekistan here.

Geological Museum of Uzbekistan is located at:

Tashkent, 100060, ul. Taras Shevchenko, 11a.

Reference point: Metro station "Minor", Zulfiya Park, State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Geology and Mineral Resources.

Phones for inquiries: (+ 99871) 256-11-92, fax: (+ 99871) 256-11-72

Location on the city map of Tashkent: 


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