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Sarmichsay petroglyph gallery

In Sarmichsay petroglyphs the period of ancient buffalo drawing outstands clearly. Unlike a goat - the basic hunting object, Sarmichsky buffalo is an object of worship, maybe the key totem of quite representative range of animals presented here.
18 Sep 2016 648

Kopkakly stone mine

Medieval stone mines on producing of millstones for milling gold ore of the Ziaedinsky mountains

On a topographical basis of scale 1:25000, in 600 m north 240º west from altitude 781,0 two quarries are indicated.
18 Sep 2016 666

«Fossil forests» of Priaralie

Here following objects can be noted:






18 Sep 2016 584


It is located in the Navoi area, on the Southwest end of the Yuzhny Nuratau Mountains.

In 1968 it was shown as a unique object on the fifth all-union paleoecology and lithology session. Analogues, at least, within the Asian continent are not known.

18 Sep 2016 580

SE «The Kitabsky State Geological Reserve»

SE «The Kitabsky State Geological Reserve» (KSGR) was found in 1979 according to the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the purpose to protect and systematically study the unique natural and scientific national monuments - stratigraphical and paleontological objects – Paleozo...
18 Sep 2016 623

Stone mines of southern slope of the Ziaetdinsky Mountains

Fragment of overall view of the Main Quarry and dumps of southern slope of Ziaetdinsky mountains drifted in silicious-micaceous shale of katarmayskaya suite, presumably Proterozoic - PR (?) kt.

20 Aug 2015 710


The pioneer of deposit - A.D.Arkhangelsky, in 1919.

The site is located in the western part of the Mynbulakskaya hollow and represents system of canyons, with area of 30 km2, composed of various detritus (from clay to conglomerates) of Late Cretaceous terrigenous sediments, sedimentation conditions...

20 Aug 2015 825


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